6 fl. Organic Apple Elderberry Juice

6 fl. Organic Apple Elderberry Juice


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100 ml contain on average:

Calorific value KJ: 189 calorific value kcal: 44 fat g: 0,1 of which saturated fatty acids g: less than 0,1 carbohydrates g: 10,3 of which natural sugar g: 9,8 dietary fiber g: 0,2 protein / g: 0, 4 salt g: less than 0.1

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The exquisite fruit combination of fresh apples and elderberries tastes aromatic, pleasant and distinguishes our juice.

Only ripe berries and fruits are used for our juice, because they are rich in vitamins and minerals. The darker the berries, the higher the content of vitamin C.

Elderberry contains a lot of vitamin C, plant pigments, essential oils, organic acids, vitamin B, potassium and magnesium. Elderberry has few carbohydrates. But most important for health reasons are probably the nutrients anthocyanin and choline. Even grandma gave us the elderberry juice as an antipyretic. But elderberry juice can do even more … it helps with bladder problems, muscle and joint rheumatism, purifies the blood, fungus-killing, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. It also strengthens the immune system, can even increase brain power and ensures good skin. Did you know … 1 glass of elderberry juice causes just as much for our health as about 50 glasses of apple juice.

Apples are made of white pulp and white pulp can lower the risk of strokes.


Fruit content:
80% organic apple juice, 20% organic elderberry juice

ideal drinking temperature:
9 – 11 ° C

Food recommendation:
saltwater fish, chicken, turkey, pork, as a spritzer after sports

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