6 fl. Grape Blueberry Juice

6 fl. Grape Blueberry Juice


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100 ml contain on average:

Calorific value (kJ / kcal) 240 / 56
fat: 0.04g
of which saturated fatty acids <0.02g
carbohydrates 13.3g
of which sugar 13.3g
egg white 0.17g
salt 0.01g

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Enjoy two highly aromatic fruits in a harmonious combination of flavors. Both on their own are considered to be exceptionally healthy – as a perfect unit they are a delicious plus in well-being. The blueberry is one of the fruits with a particularly high content of anthocyanins – antioxidants that can absorb free radicals and thus reduce the risk of cancer. The darker the fruit, the healthier. Because the dark color of the blueberry allows conclusions on the proportion of these valuable anthocyanins. Likewise, the blueberry protects against arteriosclerosis, prevents diabetes, strengthens memory and inhibits inflammation with its tannins.

Grape juice in turn provides your body with lots of vitamins and nutrients that can be absorbed by the body more quickly in liquid form, than by the grape fruit itself. The consumption of grape juice is recommended in particular, in iron and blood deficiency. In the case of anemia, for blood purification or dizziness and exhaustion, grape juice can also have a regulating effect. Its content of glucose provides a quick boost in energy when needed.


Organic grape juice (100%)

Fruit content:
100% juice


Harvest time:
end of September / beginning of October

ideal drinking temperature:
9 – 11 ° C

Food pairing:
pork, beef, veal, chicken, turkey, pasta

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