„A good juice has character, unmistakable aromas, a verifiable source and is the result of a careful production process of exquisite fruits. But a very good juice also has a message to its connoisseur. You are invited to experience this individual statement of our exquisite products yourself.“ — G. Acar/CEO



The distribution of high-quality juices in organic quality is a vocation for us. We at Organic Superfruits are convinced that in our performance society, where inner alienation, disorientation and malnutrition prevail, the reflection on the essentials can have an incredible effect on all of us: the appreciation for ourselves. And that begins for us daily Enjoy a small glass of delicious juice – pure or delicious mixed. That’s up to you alone.

The Organic Superfruits

Can juices have a message? And whether! Our dedicated team would like to encourage you to not just view the juices from our range as any consumer product. They are too much for that. Our untreated, untreated juices are rather a sensible bridge to the surrounding nature, their secrets and their beauty.

By tasting the fruity result of the game of the elements, you do yourself something good: with valuable nutrients, key components for a healthy body and, of course, wonderful aromas that you no longer want to miss out on.

Here at Organic Superfruits you’ll find lots of exciting insights into our # 1 theme – how juices work, how they’re made, how they mix wonderfully, and a lot more topics that appeal to everyone, who love juices like us!